Mudgee Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About Cudgegong Valley Olives

David Cockerill has been producing extra virgin olive oil and table olives in the Cudgegong Valley, Mudgee, for over two decades, after studying the art with Italian producers for several years, and working extensively in Italian oil-producing regions and throughout Australia.

A valued contributing member of the Australian Olive Oil Association since its inception, David's olive oils continue to gain recognition and win awards in the national association's prestigious annual awards program.

Cudgegong Valley Olives is committed to maintaining environmentally sustainable practices, both in the olive grove and in the on-site processing plant. Natural methods of pest and weed control are used in the grove and controlled drip irrigation is used, instead of full-scale watering, to preserve and enrich the natural environment.

Fruit by-products from the processing plant are also collected and stored in composting pits, along with organic pea straw and animal manure, which is later used on the trees as balanced organic compost.

The grove is irrigated with water collected from the valley floor and the fruit is hand-picked between May and June.


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